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Being linked to a large number of real estate portals in Spain and internationally, 1001 Portales works with all types of properties. In this way, it manages garages, commercial premises and flats to single-family homes, industrial buildings, rustic properties and land. The wide variety of its payment plans draws the attention of thousands of users and the most relevant web portals in the country, which is why it has a large portfolio of clients and properties.
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What is 1001 Portals?

1001 Portals is an online platform that allows the multi-publication of advertisements for all types of properties, whether urban, developable or rustic. In other words, users who request their services, both professionals and individuals, benefit from the dissemination and scope of their publications, since they triple their volume of the public. Having the benefits of 1001 Portales does not mean that the client cannot contract the functionalities offered by real estate portals, quite the opposite.

Its most outstanding function is the massive publication in numerous portals of the real estate sector, both national and international. This is a task that requires a certain amount of time, which is why 1001 Portales solves a great market need related to saving time and money. And it is that each announcement requires a text writing in different languages, creation and edition of audiovisual content, modification of prices so that they are by the current market situation, including information to the publications, optimizing the SEO of the web and unsubscribing each ad when necessary. In addition, its software is its own, which makes it a unique entity in the online real estate market.

Web 1001Portales Web 1001Portales

When and for what purpose was this platform born?

It was born more than 5 years ago, with the clear purpose of offering the greatest possible diffusion and visibility for each advertisement, thus optimizing daily work and reducing the cost related to this activity. To do this, it works with a large number of real estate portals, specialized in the sector, with great relevance and influence in the real estate sector in Spain and internationally.

Information about 1001 Portals

Its ability to adapt to any device, be it a computer, tablet or mobile, makes it a highly requested tool. Well, it allows the professional or individual to manage their properties from the place and time they require or want. This functionality streamlines daily work and optimizes dealings with clients interested in properties. It is compatible with the vast majority of real estate CRMs, which allow you to manage all the day-to-day activity of an agency or real estate agent. In addition, it has payment plans aimed at individuals and professionals, so it leaves no user indifferent, adapting its services to the needs that each client may have.

With 1001 Portals, one more procedure is eliminated, for which the platform itself is responsible. In this way, the user does not have to create an ad over and over again and can focus all his attention on managing the sale. The person who requests his services only has to create an ad in the control panel, from where he can share it through different real estate portals. This saves a lot of time and money, as you can modify and/or delete your posts using the same tool.

Prices of the services of 1001 Portals

The entity offers different rates for individuals and professionals. For the latter, it has 4 different fees, divided into:

  • Basic: it is free and the agent can send up to 10 ads per real estate portal, included in the said fee. These are: Exploracasa, Mitula, Trovit, Nuroa, VenderYa, TUAD, VadeVender, and
  • Premium: its cost is €29.95 per month, where it offers the possibility of publishing 50 advertisements on each portal of the 58 that it includes, thus giving greater visibility to the properties. The platforms available in this plan are: Trovit, Mitula y Nuroa, Mitula,,,, idealista, interempresas,, yaencontre, nestoria, thinkspain,, Green-acres, kasaz, Kyero, ventadepisos, masprofesional, doomos, vivados, inspainproperty, bi, fotogaraje, disponibleya, homesya!, bluemeadows, mauiki, realo, enalquiler,, trovimap, indomio, bienesonline,, listanza,, solocasa, ilovehome,, divendo, exploracasa, waa2, mitula, trovit,, nuroa,, anunciototal, venderya, TUAD, VadeVender,, aquituanuncio,, Doplim, Clasf,, merkatia, granmanzana, locanto &
  • Professional: this is the most requested by the public, with a price of €59.95 per month, where up to 100 ads can be published in each of the 72 real estate portals that it includes. It is aimed at professionals such as agents, agencies, administrators, managers, and the like. It includes all the platforms mentioned in the previous rate, to which must be added others that are more specialized in each area of ​​the real estate field.
  • Professional Plus: this fee is the highest, with a cost of €95 per month. It has all its features. That is a total of 1,000 advertisements, broadcast and distributed in all real estate portals, without limitations.

Individuals also have their space, with prices that adjust to the most common needs and characteristics that they usually present. Owners’ fees are divided into:

  • Basic: It is free and offers an estimate of 500,000 visits per ad. To do this, it offers availability in 10 portals, with basic visibility, without optimizing the SEM in search engines. Its validity period is 180 days. Once this period has expired, the user must renew their payment plan, choosing between Premium and Advanced.
  • Premium 30: its price is €29.95 per month, with a volume of visits that ranges from 35,000,000. To do this, it offers publication and dissemination in a total of 45 portals, with announcement automation.
  • Advanced 90: it has a cost of €15 per quarter. Its diffusion is less than the previous rate, ensuring reaching 10,000,000 people, in each advertisement. When its validity expires, the user must renew the payment plan if they want their publications to continue appearing in the more than 40 portals that it includes.
On which portals does 1001 Portales allow publishing
You can post ads through 1001 Portals on all these property portals, although you will need to register your account separately on many of them.,,,, rightmove, idealista, zoopla, interempresas, nestoria, A place in the sun, thinkSpain,, Arkadia, Green-acres,, ventadepisos, masprofesional, doomos, vivados, inspainproperty, bi,, fotogaraje, DisponibleYa, Overzeaz, homesya!, bluemeadows, Ohlahabitat, Mauiki,, HomAgents, realo, 4dmovin, PortalWH, Wallapisos,,, enalquiler,, Trovimap, Bienes Online,, Listanza,, Slideprop, makoo, solocasa,,, divendo, exploracasa, Waa2, Mitula, trovit,,, anunciototal, VenderYa, TUAD, VadeVender,, Aquituanuncio,, Doplim, iClasF, clasf,, merkatia,, Locanto, evisos,, Skub.

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You can contact or contract the services through the following telephone numbers and email.
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  1. calle Freixa, 08021, Barcelona, Barcelona
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