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Working with many national and international real estate agencies, it manages all types of properties, both new and second-hand, as well as urban, developable and rustic land. Its portfolio of properties is very wide, bringing together townhouses, villas, chalets, single-family homes, houses, flats, urbanizations, land, plots, farms, lots, and the like. Being such powerful software, it has the participation of thousands of professionals and entities in the real estate sector.
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What is Clickviviendas?

Clickviviendas is a very complete real estate CRM that offers the possibility of programming and automating all the daily work of a real estate agency. It has many features, so it is not necessary to have the additional services of other software. In addition, it allows the diffusion in several of the most outstanding real estate portals of the national and international market. All this can be done from any device since it can be multi-device. In this way, the relationship with customers can be strengthened, by sending emails, WhatsApp or newsletters from the same tool to keep them informed.

Web ClickViviendas Web ClickViviendas

How was Clickviviendas born?

The Galician company Pintega, located in the Tecnópole technology park in the province of Ourense, was the architect of the creation and birth of the Clickviviendas real estate CRM, through adaptations to other real estate portal devices with the same name. The website is specialized in real estate agencies and agents, but the Clickmanager application was intended to open the range and focus all the benefits of real estate CRM to all the public that requires it. It allows you to include all kinds of multimedia content, as well as a location map or create virtual tours to see the state of the properties. All this focused on improving the contact and relationship between professionals, individuals, owners and people interested in buying or renting a house, a single-family home, a townhouse or land, among others.

Information about Clickviviendas CRM

From Clickviviendas they defend the position that a real estate CRM must adjust to the needs of the daily work of an agency or real estate agent. For this reason, its software is designed intuitively, with the ability to program, automate and carry out any task when and where it is needed. In addition, it has constant updates, to maintain new and powerful features, which complement the professional's work with the client. The functionalities of the Clickviviendas CRM have been developed in response to the main demands of the professional real estate sector, to strengthen the relationship with customers and people interested in buying and/or renting a house.

Real estate CRM functions Clickviviendas

  • Schedule: This allows you to schedule all the work, and send notifications, updates and news to any client, at the desired time and place.
  • Property sheets: The property sheets can be customized according to the work system of each agency or real estate agent. This is done to speed up the work, with an intuitive design and structure. Its multi-device capacity also allows you to access the property file at any time, check the properties with interested people, check statistics and make previous visits to each property.
  • Storage: The storage limit is established by each real estate agency or professional.
  • Newsletters: Mass emails can be sent with news, market situation, real estate price changes, new news and similar information from the Clickviviendas real estate CRM control panel.
  • Updated system, with the option to program to notify alerts, notices, pending tasks or upcoming tasks, as well as properties ready to be published.
  • Technical support by email and phone.
  • Possibility of importing data from other real estate management software.
  • Personalized multimedia content and unlimited storage.
  • Property location map.
  • Directly connected to the cadastre.
  • Processing of specific documentation.
  • Poster printing in different formats.
  • Visibility and dissemination in several real estate portals, among which are the most important in the national and international market.
  • Import of leads.
  • Management of real estate agents: It allows optimizing all the daily work, enhancing the relationship with clients, crossing interests between professionals and clients, sharing information, updating content and the like. In addition, it offers the possibility of measuring all the tasks of each professional, being able to evaluate their work and improve the weakest aspects of each one.
  • Advanced search engine: It allows you to consult the information quickly and accurately, saving time in the task dedicated to each client and/or property, thus enhancing the relationship with them.
  • Metrics and statistics.
  • MLS network, with other collaborating agencies, allows clients and properties to be shared safely and privately.
  • Training to use the Clickviviendas real estate CRM, through video tutorials.

Clickmanager, the real estate CRM mobile application Clickviviendas

Clickmanager is the Clickviviendas app that allows the real estate agent to work from a mobile or tablet. In this way, you can manage your portfolio of properties and clients, modify information, send new notices, adding properties, among others. All this is automatically updated with the Clickviviendas real estate CRM, which speeds up the day-to-day work of each entity in the real estate sector. Another of its main features is the possibility of signing any document that the agency or the client wishes, with the ability to scan from the camera of the mobile device. In other words, the professional will have his office at his fingertips, at the right time and place, being able to carry out the following activities:

  • Schedule, automate and schedule work.
  • Registration of new clients and/or properties.
  • Manage properties and clients.
  • Sending email or WhatsApp.
  • Advanced search engine.
  • Signature and scanning of documents.
  • Add media content.
  • Check notifications of pending tasks.

Real estate website developed by Clickviviendas

Clickviviendas give special prominence to the development of web pages, personalizing them and adapting them to the characteristics of each real estate agency. An optimized and very well-crafted website can be a fundamental tool in the national and international real estate market. Well, it allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition and show the most outstanding aspects of each entity. In addition, there is the option to develop it is up to 20 languages, facilitating the visit of international users.

The web pages developed by the Clickviviendas team can adapt to all mobile devices, as well as SEO optimization and an intuitive structural design so that they can be used by any user. For web pages, Clickviviendas offers hosting, domain, emails, SEO optimization, responsiveness, translation, social networks, contact forms and customization capabilities. The blog section is created to report on topics related to the sector, as well as all kinds of news.

As it is linked to the Clickviviendas CRM, the properties on the website are updated automatically, saving much-needed time to spend with customers. The main features of their websites are the advanced search engines, the property and client files. The search engine is customized according to the needs and interests of each entity. Well, each one can choose the search parameters, how to display the list of properties, the possibility of adding contact information in each advertisement or displaying market data and statistics. They also design the watermark for the images of each property, adapting them to the taste of each real estate agency.

For SEO optimization, all the code is structured and prepared to achieve a good position in search engines such as Google. In addition, they have the SSL security certificate.

On the other hand, the property and client files can be customized as the agency or real estate agent wishes. Sorting the information about the property, the multimedia content, enhancing the contact details and the address of the property, with the possibility of taking a virtual tour and highlighting its main characteristics. A peculiarity is that the function of a mortgage calculator can be included.

Prices of Clickviviendas services

The Clickviviendas real estate CRM has a single price rate, with a monthly cost of €60 excluding VAT. This paid plan includes all the benefits of the software, that is, it allows:

  • Have unlimited agents.
  • Schedule.
  • Unlimited storage capacity.
  • Unlimited properties.
  • Domain and hosting.
  • Emails with 50GB of space.
  • Import of data and information.
  • Training.
  • Technical support.
  • App Clickmanager.
  • SSL security.
  • Virtual visits.
  • Data, metrics and statistics of each client, property and real estate agent.
  • Updates.
  • MLS network.
  • Ability to adapt to any device.
  • Poster printing.
  • Multimedia content, with personalized watermarks.
  • Sending emails and WhatsApps to clients.

For its part, the price of the design and development of a personalized and specialized website in the real estate sector starts at €495 without VAT. This will always be subject to the features and customization required by each real estate agency.

On which portals does Clickviviendas allow publishing
You can publish ads through Clickviviendas in all these real estate portals, although you will have to register your account separately in many of them.

Idealista, Viboo, Vivados,, Trovit,, Habitat24, Nestoria, Masprofesional, Enalquiler, Mitula,,, Locanto, Tuscasas24, Trovimap.

Contact details
You can contact or contract the services of Clickviviendas through the telephone and the following email
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Company Offices
  1. Calle Paseo 21, Ático Izquierda, 32003, Ourense, Orense
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