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What is Resales Online?

Resales Online is a real estate CRM that, thanks to the different tools, allows you to manage the property portfolio, as well as the sales process and the acquisition of potential clients. It has a team originating in Spain and another in Asia, specifically in Vietnam. Both affiliates were captained by owners: Eamon Durran and David Carse.

Resales Online, according to its latest corporate figures for 2018, has:

More than 2,960 real estate agents using the real estate software.

16,946 properties.

6315 users.

5,997 properties sold in 2017 with a total sales amount of 3,066,160,046 euros.

Web Resales-Online Web Resales-Online

Information about Real Estate Software CRM Resales online

Currently, the company offers two modalities that adapt to the businesses and needs of agents and real estate agents in the sector. The free version allows you to operate and manage transactions in a basic way from the Resales Online CRM. But, for a plus of benefits, it is necessary to contract the payment account called Network. Each of them offers:

Standalone account

It is a free version that anyone can download and start using at any time by simply registering on the Resales Online website. Allows users to:

  • Create unlimited unit accounts.
  • Assign and restrict privileges of each of them.
  • Add the corporate logo.
  • Unique email signatures.
  • Load properties manually or through the XML gateway.
  • Link the properties to the official website of the real estate agency.
  • API or XML formats.
  • Manage contacts, tasks and appointments.
  • Create personalized alerts and notifications to potential customers, as well as print the property's files.
  • Software technical support through specialized articles, as well as instant chat to get in touch with the Resales Online team.

Network Account

The payment method of this software offers monthly, semi-annual and annual instalments to facilitate access to professionals in the sector. 150 euros per month, 825 every 6 months or 1,500 euros if the option of a single annual payment is chosen.

Thanks to this subscription, Resales Online allows professionals to:

  • A multiple listing service (MLS).
  • Increase the buying and selling capacity thanks to the network of more than 1,234 agents. Creating a combo of synergies to enhance transactions.
  • Access to more than 16,000 properties.
  • Generate automatic commission agreements.
  • Access to the list of homes and land of other agents, as well as a messaging service between all.
  • API updates.

Differences and minimum services of Resales Online

Despite the existence of two different forms of payment (Standalone and Network) with which to contract the Resales Online software or CRM, both have identical basic features and benefits such as:

  • Customer service by the software support team.
  • Training version: Training before the official use of the system.
  • Unlimited contacts. It is possible to add a contact to the account safely and without limit.
  • Properties and photos in the system infinitely and without restrictions.
  • Property sheets in HTML and PDF format.
  • Sending properties via email.
  • Property management: Both short-term and long-term reservations directly from the control panel. As well as sales, reservations and transactions made.
  • Manage the keys to the real estate.
  • Near here. An almost essential quality for writing ads and for a home search for potential customers. It allows knowing the most outstanding places within a radius of 50 kilometres from the indicated address: schools, universities, parks, hospitals...
  • Metrics and comparisons of the average prices per property, zone or area and square meter.
  • Management of potential customers through data tracking, contact, priorities, searches...

When choosing one of the two subscriptions, the professional also looks for the facilities that can be offered to streamline the day-to-day bureaucracy and the management of his portfolio of properties and clients. What makes it essential to know the most outstanding and important differences between both accounts to opt for one of them. The most complete version (Network) compared to the free version includes:

  • Share the property portfolio.
  • Publish the properties of other agents on the corporate website.
  • Build your web space.
  • Access the management and administration of the software's internal applications.
  • Real estate property blog.
  • Work and create synergy with other agents who use the Resales Online CRM.

Other services

  • New construction: From 20 euros per month it is possible to hire this exclusive service for recently built homes. Allows to include:
    • Detailed information about the project. Description, photo gallery, exact location through Google Maps, the status of the building license, payment method and the dates of construction and delivery of keys.
    • Price list in real-time. Any modification or availability of the homes is managed directly online. The types of properties available, interior and exterior square meters, orientation, number of bathrooms and status (sold, available or reserved).
    • Export to the corporate page of the real estate agency.
    • In addition, this option includes technical support, transaction management, unlimited contacts...
  • News: Articles focused on the real estate sector and each of its professionals. Categorized by advice, new releases or social, it is possible to find new decree laws published in the BOE, advances and advice on how to get more out of the software or the latest trends in user rentals and purchases.
  • Propextra: Although a priori they can only advertise national properties on the new portal if they are a registered and regulated agent or real estate agent in Spain. It is a website that specialized in the sale, vacation rentals and short or long stays. It currently has 1,141 agencies, 17,242 apartments, 18,000 houses, 1,927 parcels and land, and 1,425 commercial premises. Resales Online's new real estate space under the name Propextra also includes a completely free option and a paid option. The latter is linked to the Network account of the software, allowing simultaneous publication in this portal with said category. Very focused and specialized in the Costa del Sol among the most imposing and expensive luxury villas, there is a 2,000 square meter, private cinema and 12 bathrooms in Mijas, Malaga for 38 million euros. In front of the 24 million of a Villa in Los Monteros on the beachfront and 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms.
  • B2B: Another service related to subscriptions and offered to professionals by Resales Online. It is a contact network with agents and properties throughout Spain.
On which portals does Resales Online allow publishing
You can post ads through Resales Online on all of these property portals, although you will need to register your account separately with many of them.

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