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It is a software of great demand in the province of Alicante and in the rest of the Spanish territory. Well, thousands of real estate agencies have their services and functions to daily manage all the work related to the purchase and sale of real estate, whether new or second-hand, as well as professionals or individuals. For all these reasons, Mediaelx's real estate CRM manages all types of properties, such as:
Other properties
Garages Premises or warehouses Storage rooms Buildings Hotels
Penthouses Apartments Duplex

What is Mediaelx?

Mediaelx is a specialist in the design and development of web pages for the real estate sector, as well as in real estate CRM, a software that offers a multitude of functionalities designed to enhance the daily work of real estate agents. Well, its tool allows you to manage all types of properties, disseminate them through several of the most relevant real estate web portals on the national scene, automate and program the publication and sending of information through different communication channels, etc. In addition, it is a multi-device program, which gives you the ability to work from anywhere and at any time. For all this, thousands of real estate entities already have their services and benefits, both in the province of Alicante and throughout the territory of Spain.

Web Mediaelx Web Mediaelx

When was the Mediaelx real estate CRM born and for what purpose?

The Mediaelx real estate CRM emerged with the purpose of improving the relationships and communication of real estate agencies with their clients, whether they are buyers or sellers of private properties. His career of more than 16 years endorse him, with results that have been the great bastion for thousands of entities in the sector to use his services and the benefits of his tool.

Information about Real Estate Software services CRM Mediaelx

The Mediaelx real estate CRM unifies all the tasks of a real estate agency in a single tool, which has different functionalities. It manages all the information on the properties, as well as their sale, purchase or rental. It also allows properties to be shared with its partner entities, in order to reach a wider audience. With this, it allows agencies and real estate professionals to save time in their daily work.

Another of its great benefits is the dissemination through different national and international web portals, which have a large volume of interested people, very well segmented by needs, characteristics and requests. All this can be done easily and simply, being able to choose which properties are published on each online platform.

The ability of the software to adapt to any mobile device, tablet and/or computer, facilitates and speeds up the work of real estate professionals. Well, most of the work is done outside the office, so the adaptability to different devices favors daily management, both of clients and properties. Thus, the commercial agent can plan, schedule, modify and add information, arrange meetings, send emails and update changes in real time.

The Mediaelx real estate CRM filters the properties according to various characteristics such as the number of rooms, the meters built, if it is close to the beach or if it has any additional characteristics such as a storage room or garage. It also includes domain registration, 50 GB hosting, email accounts and the like.

In short, the most outstanding features of the Mediaelx real estate CRM are:

  • Custom tool.
  • No installation required.
  • Accessibility and adaptability to any device.
  • Ability to access from anywhere and at any time.
  • Real estate and customer data management.
  • Technical support.
  • Alerts of changes and updates.
  • Scheduling and agenda planning and calendar.
  • Creation of customer and property files.
  • Audiovisual content, with 360º videos.
  • Call manager and daily tasks.
  • SEO optimization of the website.
  • Sending weekly emails.
  • Management, maintenance and web control.
  • Version in English and Spanish.

The Mediaelx Premium Real Estate CRM includes:

Crossing of information between clients and homes.

  • XML import.
  • Programming and automatic sending of newsletters to clients.
  • Responsive version.
  • Customer database management.
  • Ability to include multiple languages.

Mediaelx web design, real estate web page design

The web pages designed by Mediaelx professionals allow all kinds of procedures to be carried out, from the management of properties and clients to the programming and sending newsletters or publishing content in the blog section.

They also carry out a study of the web, to enhance the weakest aspects and strengthen the work well done in other areas. Through daily control and maintenance, they optimize search engine positioning, to achieve greater visibility in the main information point of the real estate entity: its website. They design a personalized strategy for each professional or agency, both for the maintenance and growth of the website as well as social networks and other communication channels that encompass the online marketing area. All this, to attract new clients and increase the portfolio of properties.

In short, the SEO planning carried out by Mediaelx for its clients' web pages includes content creation, link-building, social network management, Google Ads and social Ads, data and statistics reports and study, web page audit and Similar.

Characteristics of the real estate web pages designed and developed by Mediaelx:

  • SSL Security
  • Adaptation to the RGPD data protection law.
  • SEO optimization.
  • Audiovisual content.
  • Currency converter.
  • Mortgage calculator.
  • Automatic online chat.
  • Newsletter subscription.
  • Contact.
  • Favorites and Featured.

Prices of Mediaelx services

The entity has established a price for each functionality, with real estate CRM being €50 per month. It should be noted that these rates do not include VAT. In the event that the real estate professional also wants to have the services and development of a specialized and detailed website in the sector, the cost is €40 per month. This plan is called LetsINMO. In addition, you can also request the management of newsletters, which has a price of €20 per month plus the fee that must be paid for the mass email delivery platform. To have the functionality of importing homes, the client must pay €20 per agency or associated professional. For SEO optimization, so important to enjoy great visibility in web search engines, the price is €30 per month, where Mediaelx works the blog section, landing pages and quicklinks. In the event that the real estate agency wanted all the benefits offered by Mediaelx, the minimum cost would be €160 per month. To all this, you must add an initial payment, to register the services, which is €290.

On which portals does Mediaelx allow publishing
You can post ads through Mediaelx on all these real estate portals, although you will have to register your account separately on many of them

Idealista, Globaliza,, Rightmove, ThinkSpain,, Vivados, Green-acres,, Apphome, Enalquiler,,, Zoopla, Solocasa, Doomos, Trovimap.

Contact details
You can contact or contract the services of Mediaelx through the following telephone numbers and emails
Social networks
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