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What is Inmoweb?

Inmoweb is one of the most outstanding real estate CRMs in Spain, as it works with more than 10,000 real estate agents spread throughout the national territory. In his career of more than 15 years, he has managed more than 1,000,000 properties, optimizing the work of many real estate agencies, thus contributing to their development and growth. It has become a solution in real estate management since it allows you to automate and program practically the entire process in which commercial agents work. And it is that Inmoweb provides all the tools to facilitate and promote the production of work in the real estate sector. It is a simple CRM to use, even so, it offers the possibility of carrying out one or more training sessions so that the staff of the real estate entity can familiarize themselves with it and thus get the most out of their work.

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When and for what purpose was Inmoweb created?

It has more than 16 years of experience in the management and development of all kinds of applications for the real estate sector. Its purpose, since it was born, has been none other than to solve the need that real estate agencies have regarding the online marketing of properties. Well, many of them do not have the right tools for it. Therefore, Inmoweb is a software specialized in solving this type of problem, which is very common in real estate entities.

Information about the CRM Panel Inmoweb

It was developed by Web Experience, becoming one of the most used in Spain. It is designed exclusively for professionals and entities related to the real estate sector, offering a wide range of services and tools to capture and promote both work with properties and with clients.

Functions and tools of the real estate CRM Inmoweb

  • Management of the property portfolio, as well as clients
  • Direct relationship with different web portals, to give greater diffusion and visibility to the properties.
  • Inmoweb Onebox collects all the messages from interested people and presents them in the Inmoweb software.
  • Share properties with Inmoweb MLS.
  • Simple and innovative, accessible from any device, which favours and facilitates the work of commercial agents.
  • Advanced technical support, with the option of training to fully understand all the software's functionalities.
  • Website maintenance included.
  • Design and development of a professional website, oriented to the real estate sector.
  • SEO optimization and positioning.
  • Development of commercial agents. Inmoweb provides all the data and statistics of each worker daily, as well as the feedback received from customers and their evolution at the work level.
  • Planning and programming of the different tasks. Schedule appointments, program alerts, automate messages, etc.
  • Work check.

Inmoweb features

The different functionalities of the software are alerts and notifications; customizable fields; messaging of each client and property; preparation of reports, statistics and metrics; Electronic signature; management of agents, appointments, campaigns, marketing, emails, website, properties and the like; sales reports; real-time activity monitoring; segmentation; tracing; recommendation; publication and dissemination through different communication channels and panel of activities.

Inmoweb MLS, one of the most important international real estate MLS in Spain

Inmoweb MLS is one of the most relevant real estate MLS in Spanish territory, with a greater role in the provinces and cities of Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Alicante and Valencia, several of the most important in the country. This functionality provides thousands of advantages and benefits, by being able to offer properties that are not in your portfolio, but rather belong to other agencies, to potential clients. In the same way, own properties can be sold to clients of other real estate entities. Therefore, it is a very interesting option for professionals in the sector. The entities that belong to the MLS network must abide by and follow a code of ethics, which is responsible for controlling the proper functioning of the rules established among all professional members.

The characteristics of Inmoweb MLS are:

  • Lead crossed with national MLS, which allows you to check how many people have been interested in the properties, through other MLS agencies.
  • Cross-application with national MLS: It offers the possibility of connecting the demands of the real estate agency's clients with the properties of other entities, thus solving the needs and demands of potential clients.
  • Management and control of published and shared properties, to disable those that do not meet the demands and requests of the client.
  • Diffusion and visibility of the properties in the MLS network, increase the possibilities of sale and purchase.
  • Access to the national MLS network, which allows checking, analyzing and studying data from other real estate agencies, provides a broader view of the market.
  • Increased real estate offer, by being able to share a multitude of properties from other agencies.

Inmoweb plugin for WordPress

The Inmoweb plugin for WordPress integrates all the functionalities that the software itself integrates. It is compatible with SEO optimization plugins, as well as those related to location and mapping. It also has compatibility with all available WordPress templates. The Inmoweb plugin shows in real-time all the data and statistics of the real estate CRM itself, so any change and/or update is also reflected in the plugin. It has SSL security, works with short codes and costs €175 per month, with an initial payment of €220 to register the tool. It is designed by Teamhost, so it includes Teamhost Cloud or another hosting.

Prices of Inmoweb services

Inmoweb has three different rates, which have one or another function activated. The first and cheapest is Inmoweb One, which costs €29.25 per month or an annual payment of €351. This plan includes different functions such as website development, unlimited property management, 1-hour training, SSL security, property valuation, etc. The second is Inmoweb Pro, which is priced at €44.25 per month or €531 per year. This program includes practically all the functionalities of Inmoweb, except priority support, which does or includes the last rate, of €111.75 per month or an annual payment of €1,341. The latter has all the functions and advantages of Inmoweb.

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