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By working with thousands of real estate agencies, it manages and controls all types of properties, located on both urban and rural land. In this way, it has all kinds of properties, from townhouses, single-family houses, townhouses, villas or land without construction, with the capacity to develop any commercial and agricultural activity. In short, it is a tool that manages a wide range of properties, both brand new and second-hand and from individuals. Real estate portals with which HabitatSoft works
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What is HabitatSoft?

HabitatSoft is an easy-to-use real estate CRM that functions as a real estate agency simulator. Well, it deals with all kinds of tasks in the sector, from capturing properties, and customer management to the control and monitoring of transactions. It is software that adapts to any device, so it gives the possibility of using it wherever and whenever it is required, facilitating the ability to move and manage the real estate salesperson. For all these reasons, more than 8,000 professionals related to the sector have chosen to request the services of the real estate CRM, to enhance their daily work.

Web HabitaSoft Web HabitaSoft

HabitatSoft Online Management, Real Estate Software CRM

HabitatSoft is a very easy-to-use software that allows you to work in an agile way on all the tasks related to real estate management. It has an App for all mobile devices, both Android and iOS, as well as tablets and computers. Smart Agent APP capacity offers greater comfort in the daily work of any real estate agent since they can use all the functionalities of the tool at any time and place, outside the office and on the device of their choice. You can consult and manage the agenda, access the property portfolio, update all the information, modify data and contacts, even clients can sign the visit sheet.

Another of the advantages offered by HabitatSoft is the dissemination of properties through different web portals, among the most famous and relevant in the real estate sector in Spain. This is a feature that many entities in the sector are looking for since it gives greater online visibility to all properties. The work and management are carried out quickly and efficiently, enhancing the presence in the different communication channels of the real estate agency on the Internet.

It also enhances the possibilities of sale, by having an MLS network, which offers the possibility of sharing properties and clients of other agencies. All this favours the visibility of the properties in the portfolio since it is possible to reach a broader and, on occasions, better-segmented public.

HabitatSoft Web Agency, creation of real estate websites

Another of the main functions of HabitatSoft is the design of real estate websites, specialized in the sector. In them, it develops all kinds of functionalities and options. For this, it has two payment plans, one more basic (Web Agency STARTER) and another more advanced, which requires a higher payment (Web Agency PRO 5.0). Static web pages are implemented in them, access to several agents is allowed, they can have a space capacity of 1 GB, interactive chat, advanced filters, forms, location with a map, team page, SEO optimization, etc. In summary, it is one more option, to professionalize and enhance the work of the real estate agency which, added to the benefits of the real estate CRM, ensures a wealth of very optimal results, by carrying out updated real estate management and by the demands of the market.

Prices of HabitatSoft services

HabitatSoft has different payment plans, divided into rates that include certain functions, among which are:

  • HabitatSoft Basic, where the price is subject to contracting the services of the real estate portal, which belongs to the same company that develops this real estate CRM. This rate includes the functions of centralizing properties, managing and creating clients, publication and dissemination on web portals, free valuation of the different properties, APP Smart Agent, the possibility of developing a website and customer service.
  • HabitatSoft SME, with a price of €25 per month. It has the same tools as the previous plan, to which we must add the signage for shop windows, management of shipments and demands, as well as access to up to three real estate agents.
  • HabitatSoft Pro, costs €52 per month. It includes all the functions available and developed by the software. That is, those described in the two previous plans, to which we must add the access of five real estate agents, the management of calls, the study and commercial control and the financial management of the entity.

For the design and development of specialized and professional web pages in the real estate sector, HabitatSoft also has two well-detailed payment plans, which include different benefits.

  • Web Agency STARTER, which involves a cost of €15 per month, with an initial payment of €30 for the layout and development of the website. It includes a cover image, static pages, details of the real estate entity, a team page, featured at the beginning, property classification, contact, file for each property, legal notice, cookie policy, two languages, 300 MB of space, web map and 3 different templates.
  • Web Agency PRO 5.0, which costs €30 per month and an initial payment of €100 for the layout of the website. It has the same features as the previous plan, but to which we must add 1 Gb of space, seven languages, menu order, a maximum of six additional pages, contact and recruitment forms, blog section, premium stamp, chat interactive, property status labels, search filters, favourites, the option to share the property via WhatsApp and selection of results.

HabitatSoft plugin for WordPress

The HabitatSoft plugin for WordPress is a tool that connects all the functionality of the HabitatSoft software with WordPress, to design and develop a professional and specialized real estate portal, where all changes and updates can be made in real-time. are carried out in the real estate CRM itself. It is a plugin compatible with all templates and other WordPress features such as SEO optimization, SSL security, languages ​​and virtual visits, among others. It costs €175 per month, with an initial payment of €220 to register it. It is designed by Teamhost, so it includes Teamhost Cloud or another hosting.

On which portals does HabitatSoft allow publishing
You can post ads through HabitatSoft on all of these property portals, although you will need to register your account separately on many of them.

Idealista, Globaliza, Masprofesional, Tucasa, ThinkSpain,, Trovimap, Vivados, Interempresas,,, Listglobally, Urbaniza, Immovario, Trobocasa

Contact details
You can contact or hire the services of HabitatSoft through the following telephone numbers and emails
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