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Real estate CRM
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Here are the main types of property that real estate agencies can publish using the Inmopc software.
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What is Inmo PC?

Inmo PC is a website focused on solutions for the real estate sector that offers a wide range of professional services. Specialized in CRM under the same name and in designing and implementing web pages. According to corporate data:

  • They have made 472 web pages for real estate.
  • More than 4,500 active users on its online platform.
  • More than 180,000 properties were published.
  • 750 installations of the software.

They currently have four offices in the most important cities of the peninsula: Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, and Seville. From where they manage customer accounts and plans, as well as customer service by mail, telephone, and an interactive live help chat.

Web InmoPC Web InmoPC

When and for what purpose was Inmo PC created?

Inmo PC is the commercial name of Foro Inmueble. A family business that was created 15 years ago to provide technological solutions for real estate. The figures have elevated it to become a benchmark in the sector, thanks to its combination of the commercial, design, technical, development and R&D&I departments, as well as the company's administration department.

In addition to services such as Community Manager, positioning or training, at Inmo PC the most developed and important product is software. Most of their advances are based on the real estate CRM Inmo PC and it occupies a prominent place on the official website.

Information about Real Estate Software CRM Inmo PC

The Inmo PC CRM has its app to provide easy access, in addition to the desktop version. The program adapts to all devices allowing the professional to carry out tasks from anywhere. It allows users an expanded list of features:

  • Complete property management. The CRM Inmo PC allows a complete administration of the land and houses using the list of owners, personalization of records, specific advertising, the printing of reports and parts, appraisals, or internal data, among others.
  • Petitions. Resolve and follow up on each of the demands of potential buyers or future real estate acquisitions. From financial analysis to control of visits.
  • Advertising and marketing. Make ads or promote publications at the click of a button from the software. You can also create corporate magazines, brochures, media campaigns, QR codes and even personalized newsletters or mass emails. Everything you need to publicize real estate and real estate, professionals.
  • Promotions. New constructions and new works have a special area to highlight. Where the houses are still available, the characteristics, qualities, location, image gallery, public and private information and the like will be included.
  • Statistics. All transactions, visits, reports, and derivatives are in a quantifiable format for exhaustive control globally and completely.
  • Vacation. A specialized area for seasonal and short-term rentals, where you can manage everything from check-in, rates, reservations, and expenses, among others.
  • General management. All sections, notices, properties, alarms, document printing and the like are ready to be exported to Google Calendar to control and not forget pending and future activities.
  • Operations. Sales, rentals, contract dates, fees, or billing of all agency interventions.
  • Billing. Space dedicated purely to administrative management.
  • Virtual showcase. To show the properties in an interactive key, they have created a more visual and personalized format than the usual ones, to show the homes so that users on-site at the real estate agency can filter and inquire about each one of them.
  • Tutorials. Due to the innumerable services offered by the Inmo PC CRM software, a space has been dedicated to explanatory videos to understand each of the modules and be able to use them satisfactorily.

Prices of Inmo PC services

Depending on the needs of each professional, the volume of work and expectations, the company offers a couple of plans to adhere to:

  • Basic (20 euros per month): This option offers the basis for bureaucratic and real estate management through:
    • Administration tools.
    • Technical service offered by Inmo PC where the different departments will be able to correct incidents that have occurred and help users.
    • It includes the new updates, modifications and novelties of the software.
    • Automatic export of real estate properties to free and paid portals.
    • Automated sending of emails, alerts and land listings to potential customers.
  • Comprehensive plan (monthly payment of 35 euros): In addition to the characteristics of the previous plan, this alternative for a monthly increase of 15 euros offers a plus of services such as:
    • Professional website design with an additional discount.
    • Online search engines with listings, housing files and promotions from the Inmo PC website.
    • Registration or renewal of existing email accounts with the corporate domain of the real estate agency. As well as technical assistance to incidents and web maintenance.
    • Responsive page, that is, adapted to all available devices.
    • Help in the implementation and presence of the RRSS.

It is possible to add an extra SMS service to each one of them. Through the person in charge of business communication, you can send messages to customers from your computer, mobile phone or tablets. All of this is available for up to 5 users. (€7/month for each additional person).

Other services of Inmo PC

Inmo PC offers different solutions, either through new options and specifications of its software, as well as included in real estate websites. All this with the sole objective of growing the businesses of its users and facilitating daily tasks as much as possible.

  • Blog. Tickets with a specialized theme in apps, photography and 3D, positioning, social networks and technology for the real estate sector. From “Instagram for real estate” to “Facebook Ads Guide”.
  • Magazine. The most outstanding news and trends on legislation, mortgages, economy, sales, technology or home come together in this space.
  • Training. Online or in person, at Inmo PC and through API real estate training, they offer marketing, law, documentation or urban planning courses. All focused on the real estate sector.
  • PRL. For small and medium-sized companies, they have designed a web apps to manage occupational risk prevention.
  • Social networks and Community Manager. For the optimal promotion of homes and land and customer loyalty, it offers image layout, implementation of profiles, positioning or courses to know how to manage them.
  • SSL certificate. Implement such authentication on the web for secure user browsing.
  • Digital signature. From the CRM Inmo PC, you can create an electronic signature to carry out any management or document quickly and safely.
  • Bank integration. Haya, Servihabitat or Aliseda. It is possible to synchronize the properties offered by banks on the corporate page.
  • WhatsApp web. A messaging service where you can include real estate agents and preferences for response times, predetermined questions, a previous questionnaire and even monthly reports on requests.
On which portals does Inmo PC allow publishing
You can post ads through Inmovilla on all of these property portals, although you will need to register your account separately on many of them., idealista,,,,,,,,,,,,, y

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